Treadmill, Dreadmill

So, the weather has been crappy here on the East Coast. Therefore that means that my runs are indoor. I have two options (which is nice), that is to run around a 1/10th indoor track or run on the treadmill.  I chose the treadmill because the tiny indoor track gets a bit annoying with what seems like constant corners.

Anyway, I was able to get through about 5.75 miles today. I did a warm up for 2 miles and then started working intervals. Intervals consisted of one minute on, one minute off with some variation. A few times, I did two minutes on, two minutes off. I ended up with my last 4 intervals at level 8 with an incline of 2.

I came home and did about 30 minutes of leg stretches. I am really really liking the Fitness Buddy application. Very helpful.

Tomorrow should be another 20 base miles on the indoor trainer. Hopefully I won’t be too wasted from todays run….

Gotta keep CRANKING it out.  Oh my eyes are drifting towards this beauty. Looks like a great deal with Di2 and Ultegra components.

Crank Out!


The SufferFest – Rubber Glove!

Today was an interesting day because I slept in again. This late fall season has really lent itself to sleeping in between the storms, snow, rain, sleet, etc. I am actually enjoying it for the first time in my life. Anyway, I usually work out pretty early in the morning but I didn’t get to it until two in the afternoon.

Today’s goal was to get some cardio in on my rollers so I decided I might as well take advantage of the TheSufferFest Rubber Glove session. The intent of the session is to determine your Functional Threshold Power or FTP for short. Now, I didn’t know too much about this but I went with it. I followed the video instructions, warmed up, slowly and steadily increased my level of effort.  At about 25 minutes into the session, we were instructed to do a cool down for a bit and then we started to really ramp it up.  Every two minutes I had my daughter record my heart rate. This went on until I hit about 60 minutes. I was pretty fatigued I must admit especially around minute 50. It was damn hard.  The video does a good job of providing queuing and motivational statements. That coupled with some humor makes an hour go by in breeze.

So after I finished the workout, I sat down to add up all the numbers and average them out. Then I multiplied the by product by 95% to determine my FTP.  My number  is 138.5. I have no idea if this is good or not. However, thinking about it, I think I will retested periodically to see if there is change in that number. This may be an indicator of ability to sustain an increased load and to see how it changes over time.

Now that being said, I am sure there are more scientific methods to determine FTP, but from my understanding it should also be used a gauge when determine how hard to push on the indoor trainer. I think what I may do is also look at the FTP number against other average heart rates from Strava and MyGarmin and see what correlations I can make. But as well know your fitness changes dynamically over time.

More to ponder I suppose… Crank Out!

Strava and Sufferfest Video Integration

Today was the day to get started on my base miles for the winter. Why, well it’s a snow day, we got a whole 2″ and work was declared code red. Ridiculous.

I set my goal to ride on the trainer for 8 hours per week. I’d like to work up to 4 two hour sessions, but it will be a challenge for sure. I use the Inside Ride rollers to do my indoor cycling workouts.  I really prefer the rollers over the stationary type cycles because I don’t have to attach my bike frame to them. However, using rollers requires you to be focused and balanced otherwise you’ll end up having an indoor crash.   The cool thing about technology and sports is that it keeps you honest even more honest than you think you are without it.  I use the Strava application to track my cycling and running mostly. As a Strava premium member, I am afforded the luxury of using their embedded “The Sufferfest” training videos. They have two or three right embedded which is pretty cool.  I load them up on my IPAD and prop the IPAD up on the wife’s cookbook holder and launch the video. So kudos’ to Strava for a nice relevant integrated training. Love it.

I completed “The Sufferfest: Fight Club tonight, which is about a one hour work out doing a bunch of intervals.  The nice thing about the Fight Club is that it integrates real video footage, queuing and intervals. At the end there is a cool down video segment that is quite the treat.  However, I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t witnessed it. So that’s about all for today…

Crank out…

Azumio Fitness Buddy – Providing some Exercise Guidance…


So, one of my struggles with exercising is to do it the right way, in the correct form, etc. I found a pretty cool application by Azumio which serves as a personal demonstration tool, logbook, etc for your exercise routines. This link provides their marketing info if interested.

This morning we decided to give it a shot. We focused on the core exercises and some stretching. This will hopefully become a daily routine and help develop. It’s amazing the work out you get with just using your own body weight. I plan to start out slowly and really focus on doing this right.

There are over a 1000 demonstrable exercises in this app… Lets see how it goes over the next few weeks.

Crank Out!

Endurance Training

My name is Jim (aka CRANK).  I am fascinated with the idea of actually getting healthy and strong . I am slowly working my weight down to something more manageable but as most of us know its a struggle.   I enjoy riding my bike. It represents freedom, struggle, pain and enlightenment. When I am done, even after a short ride, my head is clear and I am ready to face the challenges of the day (or evening).

Anyway, I am a totally new to this endurance training concept, but I really enjoy cycling, both road and mountain. Since its the fall, almost winter, I should be training a bit harder so I can build my base. This is especially true because my cycling has dwindled to a mere crawl over the past two months.

I have been following Graeme Street from Cyclocore and he seems to get it. So likely I will be purchasing the Cyclocore training program and begin the torture in my newly renovated cycling torture chamber.

Also from a recent video Graeme points out some good points on leverage FTP and power using the servers of, another service that I may pick up.

Stay tuned…