Treadmill, Dreadmill

So, the weather has been crappy here on the East Coast. Therefore that means that my runs are indoor. I have two options (which is nice), that is to run around a 1/10th indoor track or run on the treadmill.  I chose the treadmill because the tiny indoor track gets a bit annoying with what seems like constant corners.

Anyway, I was able to get through about 5.75 miles today. I did a warm up for 2 miles and then started working intervals. Intervals consisted of one minute on, one minute off with some variation. A few times, I did two minutes on, two minutes off. I ended up with my last 4 intervals at level 8 with an incline of 2.

I came home and did about 30 minutes of leg stretches. I am really really liking the Fitness Buddy application. Very helpful.

Tomorrow should be another 20 base miles on the indoor trainer. Hopefully I won’t be too wasted from todays run….

Gotta keep CRANKING it out.  Oh my eyes are drifting towards this beauty. Looks like a great deal with Di2 and Ultegra components.

Crank Out!


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