Strava and Sufferfest Video Integration

Today was the day to get started on my base miles for the winter. Why, well it’s a snow day, we got a whole 2″ and work was declared code red. Ridiculous.

I set my goal to ride on the trainer for 8 hours per week. I’d like to work up to 4 two hour sessions, but it will be a challenge for sure. I use the Inside Ride rollers to do my indoor cycling workouts.  I really prefer the rollers over the stationary type cycles because I don’t have to attach my bike frame to them. However, using rollers requires you to be focused and balanced otherwise you’ll end up having an indoor crash.   The cool thing about technology and sports is that it keeps you honest even more honest than you think you are without it.  I use the Strava application to track my cycling and running mostly. As a Strava premium member, I am afforded the luxury of using their embedded “The Sufferfest” training videos. They have two or three right embedded which is pretty cool.  I load them up on my IPAD and prop the IPAD up on the wife’s cookbook holder and launch the video. So kudos’ to Strava for a nice relevant integrated training. Love it.

I completed “The Sufferfest: Fight Club tonight, which is about a one hour work out doing a bunch of intervals.  The nice thing about the Fight Club is that it integrates real video footage, queuing and intervals. At the end there is a cool down video segment that is quite the treat.  However, I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t witnessed it. So that’s about all for today…

Crank out…


3 thoughts on “Strava and Sufferfest Video Integration

  1. I like the approach you’re taking for your winter solstice training ;-)… The videos are great because they force us to do intervals & to try to keep up with the coach. I hope to spin on my trainer at least twice a week along with all the other training activities I try to accomplish. For instance, today is “pool day” & I’m already doubting I’ll make it. However, if my daughter pushes me, I might go cuz I can’t let my baby girl down ;-)…. Spin on Crank!

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