Endurance Training

My name is Jim (aka CRANK).  I am fascinated with the idea of actually getting healthy and strong . I am slowly working my weight down to something more manageable but as most of us know its a struggle.   I enjoy riding my bike. It represents freedom, struggle, pain and enlightenment. When I am done, even after a short ride, my head is clear and I am ready to face the challenges of the day (or evening).

Anyway, I am a totally new to this endurance training concept, but I really enjoy cycling, both road and mountain. Since its the fall, almost winter, I should be training a bit harder so I can build my base. This is especially true because my cycling has dwindled to a mere crawl over the past two months.

I have been following Graeme Street from Cyclocore and he seems to get it. So likely I will be purchasing the Cyclocore training program and begin the torture in my newly renovated cycling torture chamber.

Also from a recent video http://youtu.be/2fPjcSFteec Graeme points out some good points on leverage FTP and power using the servers of http://www.trainerroad.com, another service that I may pick up.

Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Endurance Training

  1. Good intro but it’d be nice to know who you are, aren’t you supposed to at least use a fake name or a handle like “Crank?”… Sometimes putting thoughts into words can be very enlightening… Shift!

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